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's many good traits about today’s surroundings, but there's▓ also some bad with evil people and technologies that c▓an be destructive.For instance, many people love to drive cars to work but that has led to heavy traffic jams and people were killed in accidents. But cars are good overall and so we should not ban them.And in our future, we will witness some amazing new inventions and innovations that will make our lives easier, but meanwhile some aspects of science and technology will cause a neg▓at

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ive impact, such as factory workers ▓losing jobs to factory robots.But we should▓ embrace the future and prepare for its arriv

al,▓ which is why the Beijing Exhibition Cent▓er has enjoyed such popu

lar acclaim for i▓ts new exhibits on China’s achievements with a glimps▓e to the future.(The opinions expressed here do not necessaril

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